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This is truly the worst buying experience I've ever had. I'm not talking about buying a phone, I'm talking about EVER.

My intention by switching to cricket was to be able to buy an iPhone and save a few bucks on my monthly bill.

My first hint that this was going to be a nightmare should have been when I spent 25 minutes on hold for a sales agent. Once the agent picked up, he spoke flawless english and took my order swiftly. I paid extra for overnight shipping and placed my order at around 10:00am. The total I paid was slightly over $680 (iPhone 5 + Overnight Shipping + 1st Month + Taxes)

The very next day I was waiting for my phone and nothing. I called to find out what was going on and they told me my order was delayed because of a busy warehouse. They said they couldn't refund the money I paid for overnight shipping, but as a "courtesy" they would lower my 1st monthly bill by $10.

The next day my phone did arrive. The second nasty surprise came when I opened the box and the iPhone had a cracked screen. I immediately called them back to try and figure out what was going on. Off course when I called the sales line, they said that I had to call a different number because they didn't handle customer service requests.

I called the new number and off course the person that answered had an accent so heavy I just could not understand them. I'm not being nasty towards the customer service rep, I'm used to calling India or the Philippines when I have to contact customer service, but this gentleman just could not be understood. I politely asked to be transferred to someone else that had a less pronounced accent, the rep responded that "they didn't have anyone else" and hung up.

I called again and this time a lady picked up with a far less pronounced accent. I explained the situation and she told me that I had to contact UPS and file a claim with them for the broken device (Even though the shipping box showed no damage whatsoever) obtain the claim number and then call them back with the claim.

So I called UPS, filed the claim, and called the number back. This time another gentleman with an even heavier accent than the first guy picked up the phone. I got so frustrated I just hung up without even saying anything. I called back and a third gentleman answered that could be understood. I explained the situation yet again and gave him the UPS claim number. He said that I had to now ship the phone back to them and I would get a refund WITHIN 30 DAYS. I said I did not want a refund, that I wanted them to replace the phone, I was appalled when the response came back "It is not our policy to issue replacements, only refunds, and they take 30 days". I demanded to speak to a supervisor and the agent's response was the following (I'm being serious with this) "I don't want to waste our supervisor's time, because he's going to tell you the same thing I just said"

At this point I was so furious that I just called the rep an incompetent ape, and hung up the phone.

After cooling off for a few hours I called yet again. This time the person that answered had little accent. I gave her a brief explanation of what had happened and asked her to send me a pre-paid label to send the phone back. Her response was as follows: "We don't pay for return shipping".

At this point I absolutely lost it... I threw the phone in the garbage and filed a complaint with my credit card company, which is what I should have done in the first place.


Monetary Loss: $683.

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