On May 25th of 2014, Me, Some friends and my fiancee was at Ribs Fest , Memorial Soldiers park, St Louis _ Missouri, enjoying Memorial Day , when this lady , working for Cricket Wireless ,handle us a flier and asked for a photo with 3 guys ( my fiancee ,my friend's husband and my friend's boyfriend ) to prove her " supervisor " she was working. She said NOTHING about company and service offered at all , just JUMPED on my fiancee's Lab making all the situation a very akward moment.

I think this company should be aware of the behavior of your employees is using while approaching potencial costumers . She identificaded herself as MARTA. And left after the picture moment.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I personally feel she has no place interacting with the public when she lacks the most basic sense of propriety and kindness. Whatever action you decide to take, I am certainly willing to understand.

thank you !


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