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cricket at albertsons.store in cathedral city,ca off of gene autry/date palm..bookkeeper/management... very rude.devoted her attentions to customer behind me after i had been waiting awhile for them to call her..other lady just came up as she did..i had my check on table...i said im next to the lady...cricket giggled or smirked with her at me.. cashed my check and continuosly helped her while cashing my check..never spoke to me at all as if i was noone.....uncalled for..you deal with each person equally..1/10 2....she simply helped the lady above me when i was first and had been waiting...the lady started seeking help from her as she arrived and cricket just blew me off till i said im ne xt or she would have totally helped the lady before me......was just plain rude..

beginning of may,2008

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I just talk to a rude supervisor she had no professional in her she needs to be laid off of work until she no how to talk to customer we are the people that keeps her *** working

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