I have had Cricket for like 8 years now, it was one of the first no contract phones. I loved not having a massive bill.

Well some how that seems to be happening again. The due dates keep conveniently changing so that it is difficult to keep track of, the fees are going seriously up. Speaking to Customer Service is like speaking to an automated voice system. They never seem to understand what you are trying to say so you get no where.

My experience is the CSRs are mainly Hispanic during business hours and Indian after hours. They tell you what they are trained to say so even if they make a mistake they wont do anything about it. "Unfortunately Maam, blah blah blah. They don't really mind if you take your business elsewhere either, I should have know by the employees they hire.

They can't think outside the box and if they can they are not paid to.

Sad that this business is now down the toilet. I am really taking my business elsewhere. I do NOT recommend them anymore.

They are rude, expensive, Oh and their phones are so cheap they are made to last a very short time. I have had to replace so many times, please go elsewhere.

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