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I had a phone with Pocket Communications (my own phone, not one of theirs) and decided to switch to Cricket Wireless because I kept getting late texts with Pocket. At the same time, I also got a new phone and wanted to port my old number to the new phone.

Cricket had me fill out a form and told me that it would be done within 4 hours. Twelve hours went by and it was obvious that my number had not been ported. I called customer service reps at both companies who both said that there was something being done wrong at the other company. This left me at a stalemate, because neither company would do anything.

I called back and forth numerous times and spoke to "supervisors" and techs, (having to explain my situation each time)and nothing changed. This went on for a week with me calling every day to see what could be done. Each time, I spoke with a new person who I had to explain the situation to over and over to. I went so far as to get reps and techs on 3 way calling twice to see if something could be worked out.

This took hours of my time and my number was still not ported. My phone time with Pocket eventually expired and I was told that I couldn't get my number ported if I didn't have service with the old company. So after a week I was told that it was imposible and I had to tell everyone I know to call me by a new number. I filed a complaint with the FCC and plan to leave Cricket.

Frustrating as ***.

I saw a business article that says that the two companies plan to merge soon. The irony.

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