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On Dec. 20, 2011 I purchased a cell phone for my mom at BestBuy and bought a $55.00 top-up card at the same time. I chose to do the $25.00 per month plan because my mom is almost 70 and doesn't use the phone. I just want her to have it for medical emergencies, touching base, etc. That evening I had problems activating the phone on-line so the next day called customer service. I spent four hours on the phone!! I spoke to Michelle, Victor, Peter, Steven, and Suny.

Victor gave me a phone number he then transferred me to customer care solutions where I was told to enter the pin number of the $55.00 top-up card. I did that. I was given a confirmation/reference number. Okay I thought. But I was wrong.

When the phone itself was finally activated it had a different phone number from that Victor had given me and that I had just put $55.00 on! Where was my $55.00? The phone would not work. Several hours later, after having to reprogram my phone to the original number (the one Victor gave me) it finally worked. But not for long.

On December 28th, after only seven days/20 minutes of use, the phone stopped working. The plan was not suppose to expire until February 18th. However, when you try to call the number you are told that person you have called is unavailable. When you try to make an outgoing call from the cell phone you are given the option of either making a collect call or using your credit card. Where is the $55.00?

So I went on-line and when I entered the phone number (Victor had given me) I got the message that it does not recognize the phone number. When you call customer service (1-800-274-2538), you have to enter a phone number in order to speak with a person. I entered the phone number I had been given but it does not recognize that phone number and I am told they cannot help me.

So Cricket had me put $55.00 on a phone number they had given me and seven days later essentially disconnected that phone number and now I cannot speak to anyone because I don't have a valid phone number to enter. Essentially they stole $55.00 from me. Where is my recourse? How do I speak to a real person?

Possible claims: Breach of contract, fraud, illegal conversion of monies, etc.

Review about: Cricket Wireless Phone Plan.

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That's awful customer service. I hope they eventually reimbursed you. They should have a live phone person for issues like this.

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