I got a Cricket phone a few months ago. I don't give out the number online or even to friends because I'd rather not spend even $1 a day if I can help it. (Welcome to the New Economy.) But for some reason I get junk calls at the rate of three or four a week!

So where are they getting my number, if not from Cricket?

I check the "missed" calls on "Who Called Us" and find that most are from places where I know nobody (Agoura CA, Kentucky, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota). Others are reportedly scams in Spanish -- "you have won a prize, give us your credit/bank information so we can send it to you." Hah! If one of these junk calls leaves a message (even a click and a hang-up) I get charged a buck. Some of the junk calls are even from Cricket itself!

It goes without saying that "customer Service" is lousy and conducted by people whose English is extremely faulty.

Is this a pattern? Can anything be done?

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San Diego, California, United States #654445

I have had cricket for about 2 years myself. I never had this problem until about six months ago!! I am foaming at the mouth angry. I have been getting up to 23 missed calls A DAY from these numbers. Just to clear something up here, I have a work phone through att that I use for EVERYTHING. the only people that have my personal number are my immediate family and my kids school principal for emergencies. 23 missed calls a day from these numbers, and the people are so rude!!!

Having worked in telemarketing I know EXACTLY what is going on. I am on the do not call list and have been for 5 years. There are persons at chricket that sell huge stacks of private phone numbers to these scam companies to get YOUR money! and it is very illegal! but then again if we had the money to make them stop we wouldn't be with cricket in the first place. I can't stand this company they are a *** joke!


Same thing happened to me.I've had cricket for over 2 years now and about 6 months ago I started receiving text messages from cricket and others,I called cricket and they told me to go to the store and ask to be taken off the mailing list I did and was told to call the 800 number I went back and forth for days and then they told me they could not remove my number from all lists. I am looking for another provider now.

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