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Went to go get my phone flashed at cricket in San Antonio on ww.white phone number (210)333-4088 on Sunday, they told me the phone would be ready monday at 3-5. I call Monday they tell me it wont be ready til Tuesday.

I go to pick the phone up it works, minutes after i leave my phone stops working. i go back up there get rude service the people in there aren't trying to work to fix it. Then he tells me he isn't going to turn on my phone that i already originally had. Told me he wasn't going to talk to me because i was a child, but i am an adult.

He told me to leave the store.

Asked me if i knew my a.i.d number all i clearly said was no, he then told me he wasn't going to do anything for me. My father then came in there and the man was still being rude he wouldn't do anything for me, after i went through all this trouble and waisted 75 dollars and haven't been able to use the phone i had all day because they already did something to the one had, but told me it wasn't ready.

Review about: Cricket Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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No they don't Lauren. I looked the address up.

That is NOT a corporate owned store. And corporate owned stores do NOT flash phones. Please understand I worked for them for almost 10 years and know what I am talking about. You went to a dealer.

So your complaint is on the wrong company!!

Geez. Listen more :)


Cricket does flash phones and i went to a cricket store, the one i said in the complaint.


Cricket doesnt flash phones. Only dealers. It's kind of messed up you have the complaint about Cricket when it wasnt even a Cricket store.


Funny how *** people are....good luck idiots :)


Believe it is funny because the company you are complaining about isnt even Cricket. And that fact that you dont get it is even more funny :) should be complaining about Good Luck Business. and you seem like you need the good luck


It directed me to this page, and said i could put a complaint about this on here, i dont see whats funny.


This isnt even a Cricket store. is called Good Luck Business.

Your complaint is in the wrong place my friend. this is hilarious.

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