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Cricket wireless-

This cellular phone company is a joke. They have *** poor customer service and the poorest coverage of any cellular phones.

I was lied to several times by the company representatives as I never got any of the rebates that were promised and the customer service did not improve a bit after I became a customer with a working phone number.

Most of their store employees can not neven tell you where their corporate office is,local or otherwise!!! I was also lied to about the coverage and the towers that were supposedly owned by cricket that in fact were actually Verizon towers!!

These people run such a poor business that they have to lie to get any kind of clients. You do not even know who you are talking to on the phone(once you get a hold of somebody usually web on sales)as they may tell you they are the president or something.

You do not run a business while losing the trust and confidence of the prospective and continuing customers. The most basic element of a business model

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I bought a cricket phone in march 2011. On April 20, 2011 I received a text message my 30 dollar rebate was mailled.

Today is May 11, 2011 still no rebate in the mail. Oh poorest cell service I have ever had!


Just an FYI, as a Cricket customer, I am fully aware that Cricket does not handle the rebates. Those rebates are offered through the manufacturers.

Contact them.

Cricket holds up their end of the deal by supplying you with the proper paperwork. It isn't any outsourced representatives fault that you don't know how to acquire a rebate.


Yes I experienced the same process, when my telephone arrived in the mail the rebate form was mysteriously missing, and I knew right away that I was had

I called customer service and was told that they would mail the form out to me, and never received it I called back, and was told that Cricket Rebates are not handeled by cricket and my call was rerouted to what they said was the company that did handle cricket rebates

So now I am on the phone with a person from India ( outsourced )whom I can barely communicate with and after a lengthy 15 to 20 minutes later I was asked to call back and speak to someboddy else abouy MY PROBLEM, and then my 39.99 a mo bill comes in at just under $ 50.00

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