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Your Cricket Communications company DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO PROCESS SOMETHING CALLED A RETURN. What do you plan on doing when people purchase new service by accident and try to cancel it?

Oh I know, let's NOT REFUND THEIR MONEY. Why is it so hard to reverse a mistake? I spent TWO HOURS on the phone with FOUR PEOPLE and none of them could process a SIMPLE RETURN. Why can I not simply reverse a mistaken order, order the right phone, and be about my business?

No that would be too easy; your company must want to REPELL Customers. And better yet, when I FINALLY got some rude lady from your answering service to process a return, not only do I have to pay for return shipping, but she rudely informed me that "of course they won't refund the FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS" I paid EXTRA for a line of service I NEVER EVEN USED. I had the phone for LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES and already I LOSE FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS. AND I'M OUT SHIPPING.

But wait. I also have to wait FIFTEEN DAYS to see if they will process my order OR NOT. AND I. HAVE TO CALL THEM.

TO MAKE SURE THEY GOT IT. Bravo on your ***-tastic service.

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Dear Cricket,

I'm getting slandered and propagandized rumored through Albuquerque corrupted government. This is my credential business that is licensed through the state of New Mexico.

I hate to bring this up, but I'm getting rumored and hate crimes in job situation environments- including when I worked for a Cricket Promotion. Method Models manager by the name of Bobby or Robert is propagandizing my name over competitive hater impulsive arrogance. He's constantly asking young woman in the Albuquerque AREA to give him *** or watch him off for work- no body really wants this person working promotions. He has a problem with my religious name- Jonah Francisco Cruz and he's highly disrespectful to the community in Albuquerque New Mexico including Raphael Vigil a Hewlitt Packard stoner submitting *** alway slandering my name.

I'm a much more qualified promotions owner. Here is my website- -----please cut the cheese with method models all they do is hate on Jonah Cruz across town. I can manage a more organized promotion service and be a lot more professional. Sorry to bring this up- but it's the truth and it's twelve years old already they way their company is ratting me out for no reason.

I also own this tech business. --- so as you can see my hands are tied, i'm spreading malicious rumors- I doing a *** of job.

if you can contact anyone who likes making a bigger difference. Please forward this message.

Thank You. God Bless.

Westport, Massachusetts, United States #927798

I recieved my phone yesterday through ups. I try to get help setting up the phone.

Especially putting the SIM card In and how. Customer reps can't or are too lazy to help. Me, I cannt understand them cuZ they don't speak english, they are rude, I've been hung up on three times, say they can't help cuZ they don't hane a pic of the phone on thier computer, I'm out. $58 and nobody will help my email. I hope you give this matter UR attention


Some one, the first person I talk to billed my wife's account three times. Money is pending for 7 days thank that lady from your cricket company.

Didn't or doesn't check costumer's history. Only what's present and started judging and not being reasonable. My wife's account. My wife works from home can't be interrupted.

When she didn't receive calls to give her identity to who quickly. She did, in between calls, avoiding any kind of disrespect an embarrassment to who she is representing. Now a 7 day pending. Thanks to that first *** i was talking too.

Up to for interrupted and disrespecting her work at home. THE husband was that took over because she started receiving calls. 6 hours later on the phone with your workers that suck in/or reasoning with a customer. And still our three lines is yet not turned on.

You put my wife's first pay check in no honor or joy for working her best representation. I am still pissed off in this bad business that went bad to no money for 7 Days pending. And still no phone and it was your fault for putting her in pending in the first place.

And yet no phone. You suck


Purchased a SAMSUNG Express for my work cell phone and they put the wrong number in it. Told me to take the cell phone home and call 611 and they would put my number on it.

Took the phone home and called 611 and they said the sales person DENA EHINGER new before I left the number couldn't be changed on that phone from another company. Took phone back to store, they kept everything and told me to contact a manager at 443-559-9232. Called and was told the manager would calling me back. This went on and on day after day untill they stopped answering the phone when I called.

They must have caller ID. So now I have to call from somebody phone to get them to answer. So I contacted the bank and stopped payment to get some kind of answer for this problem from Cricket. Don't hold your breath.

I want all my money back for something they didn't do wright. Had the cell phone one day and never used it.


Cricket broadband is a total scam. I am speaking from frist-hand experience.

Do yourself a favor.

Stay away. Far far away...


I called Cricket Customer service today to report my sons phone lost. I informed the man on the phone that I wanted to deactivate the current phone and replace it with a new phone, sounds simple right?

WRONG. Little did I know I was going to get the biggest run around and was so frustrated that I gave up and called t-mobile and ordered phones for the whole family. So the short story goes like this: the guy on the phone claims to have misunderstood what I wanted and DEACTIVATED my account. When I told him that isn't what I wanted he said that's what i understood you saying and its done, cant reactivate it now.

I explained to him why I didn't say this is what I wanted, he argued with me and said I was wrong. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said they had gone home for the day. Then told me to call the sales number and hung up on me. I called sales.

They cant help with your account. I called customer service back, the lady on the phone was pleasant at first but was rude once i said I really wanted to talk to a supervisor about the first guy. She said she wouldn't do that to a TEAM MATE and also hung up on me. I called a third time to be treated worse the third time than the first.

SO I gave up. What a joke CRICKET is. Do yourself a favor DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

There is other companies out there. USE THEM!!!!


Dear Mr Stewart Douglas Hutcheson,. i know that your company must think it is good business to do everything electronically but ..

sometimes you need to speak with a live person as the computer does not give you the options you need to fix the problem.its very frustrating and by the time you have gone round and round with the computer generated voice . you want to just chuck the phone out the nearest open window and cancel your service .. that i do not think is good for business . please inform me as to how to go about talking to a live customer service agent when i am unable to get to one of you local stores to handle the problem.

as i tried that already and obviously didnt get problem resolved.. im seriously frustrated at this point and need some help to resolve my issue .


I have requested that Crick STOP texting me. I keep getting texts and I have talked to many of your employees. I get texts at 1:32 AM telling me my account has been debited. What the ***?

I get texts telling me someone is sending me data messages. SO! I do not *** care I do not want data on my phone, I do not want to "UPGRADE" I do not care, Stop sending me texts.

Your employees told me to text "Stop" to the number that called me. What happens? I get another text telling me how to pay by phone. What the ***? If I am already set up to pay automatically why in the *** would I need to do that?

If I pay AUTOMATICALLY, why would you need to tell me that the amount was debited from my account to begin with? Remember the meaning of AUTOMATIC?

Wake me up to bill me? How about I ruin your sleep?

You leave me alone, you stop all texts, automatic or otherwise and I will be happy but if you do not, always be looking over your shoulder Stewart Douglas Hutcheson because I am going to be looking for you and I will make sure you will never forget me.

Oh and share this with your board of directors because I will be looking for them as well.

How about I post your private address and phone number for all the world to see so you can get calls and visits by pissed off customers?

Think I cannot find it? Try me.


your customer service keeps telling lies misrepresenting your company and falsely advertising product that they just don't have like tethering you ever ties that I can tether my phone to my gaming system m play against my friends online but if I tried to tether my phone to my gaming system I cannot play my friends online because it is so slow that it will damage my system also you ever ties that you have unlimited internet but it's limited to 1 g there is a huge difference between the word unlimited and limited then you tell the consumers that it will be upgraded to 2 and a half jeans on the 19th of june the 20th of june the 22nd and now I'm being told the 26th of june I feel like I was scanned into purchasing the phone that is only usable through your company and now I'm out 400 dollars plus 3 months service that you guys have not provided to me I have numerous recordings from your customer service with all of their lies and false advertisement as well as photos from insider store of the banners that you put up falsely advertise in your service that I am going to be sending to the bbb the fcc the attorney general's office the business licensing department as well as my local las vegas newspaper if I do not get this corrected you can contact me at 70240 92594



I filed complaints against Cricket with the Better Business Bureau ( and the FCC ( Both can be done on-line and are free to file. See if that might help.

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