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6/7/2018 at 5:30PM University City Blvd Location

I went to upgrade my phone. I saw a phone I liked and picked it out. The terms of the phone were $79.99 for an upgrade and $99.99 for full price. An upgrade is trading in your phone which is what I wanted to do and mentioned it to Nicole, the Sales Rep, several times. Therefor the price of the new phone should have been $79.99. There is also a $25 new phone fee. So, the price of the phone with the new phone fee included should have been $79.99 plus $25 plus tax for a total of $104.99. Also, Kim specifically asked me if I wanted insurance on my phone and I said no.

When I was given the receipt for my transaction the total was $141. I did not catch on right away that I had been ripped off. There was also no breakdown of the cost just a total cost (see pic). Tax was written out, the new phone fee, or the original price of the phone, just $141 total.

Before I walked out of the store it dawned on me that I was being scammed and that $141 was too high and asked the Sales Rep (Nicole) about it. She said that she thought I was keeping my old phone and not trading it in for the reduced price and was charging me the full price of the phone. She said that this is why the price was so high. However, at this point she was already in the process of taking my old phone for the trade-in and I mentioned it to her several times I was wanting to trade it in. I reiterated to her that this was not the case and that I had been mentioning that I wanted to trade in my phone which is why she was in the process of taking it. I asked if I could get the price corrected. She said all sales were final and there was nothing she could do about and gave me back my old phone. I would like to mention even if she was charging me the full price of the phone, $99.99, plus the $25 new phone fee it would still not equal $141. At this point I knew she added another charge onto my bill.

So, I left the store and called cricket. I explained to cricket customer service what happened and they said to file a complaint or call the police. I decided to walk back into the score and ask for a breakdown of the total price. While I was waiting to talk to Kim the manager (Mike) returned from his break. I explained to him what was going on. (I think he was the manager)

He checked to see how the original ticket was written up and notified me that Kim had added insurance to the plan and charged me the full price of the phone. Insurance was $7 (a recurring, monthly charge), the phone was $99.99 and the new phone fee was $25 for a total of $131.99 plus tax. I told him that I specifically told her that I did not want insurance and that she was in the process of taking my old phone from me for the trade-in. I also pointed out that there was no breakdown in the price and that I believed Nicole was attempting to scam me, in essence steal from me. The manager (Mike) was very nice and I think he realized that his employee was attempting to rip-off a customer and that he needed to make it right. He was able to remove the unwanted insurance and he did confirm that he could not give me credit for my old phone, that once a sell is made it is final. However, he was able to give me $20 in accessories. Which is fine. I am not upset with how the transaction turned out financially. I am more concerned with the criminal employee that they have working there, Nicole. She should not be in the position that she is in and should be held accountable for her attempted crimes. I have notified the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and I am in the process of getting in contact with the store owner and corporate.

I am wondering if this is a company wide issue that is encouraged by Cricket or if this is just one bad apple. I have attached a picture of the original bill filled out by Nicole to hide her crimes and the bill that Mike filled out that exposes Nicole’s crimes and the way it should have been filled out to begin with.

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