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I "tried" to contact THREE different Cricket locations and could NOT reach a Human being at ANY of the 3 locations I tried. In disbelief I then drove to one of their locations where I then called from the parking lot when I saw TWO women employees sitting at the front counter apparently BSing & yet AGAIN NO ANSWER & transferred to VM, and YES - this was ONE HOUR PRIOR to closing time without 1 customer inside the store!!!

Keep in mind that I am currently using a PREPAID phone & have already burned 10 minutes on this *** thing! So since I was highly upset, I waited until the following dayto return to this location to inquire about signing up as a NEW CUSTOMER & wanted to see if they would flash the current Verizon "Droid" phone I had purchased or if they were going to make me buy 1 of their phones! I actually spoke to a business manager at this Pennsylvania location by the name of S. Celapino who had given me her business card after informing me of their plan options & told me to CALL HER with the phone's model # since I had forgotten to bring it with me.

I have called this location TWICE since & once again was transferred to their voicemail system where I left a COMPLETE DETAILED MESSAGE of who I am & why I was calling & left a return phone number where I can be reached!!!

I AM "STILL" WAITING FOR A CALL BACK FIVE DAYS LATER!!!!! Apparently these people REFUSE to do business unless you are face to face with them so they can take your money, otherwise it's not worth it for them!!!

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